Pat Ball
8901 Brook Road, McLean, VA 22102


The NORTHERN VIRGINIA DAYLILY SOCIETY is a mutual interest society
created to enhance the enjoyment of gardening with daylilies in the
Northern Virginia area and support the growers of daylilies everywhere. 
Please join us for another exciting year of garden visits, plant sales,
seminars, and social events.
Families and Individuals, please enclose $10.00 for one year or $25.00 for three years
Please complete the information and mail this form to the Membership Team c/o

Pat Ball at the address above. 
Contact Pat Ball at the email above with any questions.

City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:

NVDS operates on the Team concept to carry out Society functions. 
Members may request or will be assigned to work with a Team at a level
of involvement with which they are comfortable.  Team Leaders ensure
that members are included in Teams and Society events. Please select the
Team of your choice.

Newsletter___________            Membership_____________
Activities  ___________            Plants          _____________
Finance    ___________            Education    _____________

Each Teamís function and duties are outlined in the Constitution and
By-laws contained in your membership kit that will be mailed to you. 
Thank you for joining the Northern Virginia Daylily Society.

Newsletters are sent by email.  To receive a paper copy,  please check here _____.