Michaela Fotheringham Seedlings

Welcome to Michalel's Seedlings and Futures page
A small backyard hybridizer who dabbed pollen for the sheer joy of creating something new. She is also a visual person and it helps to name seedlings, which is why many have garden names. Some of these plants may be introduced sometime in the future and some won't make the cut. Any comments can be directed to me at fairyscapedaylilies@bell.net

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Heart x Blue Blast
Lavender Blue Baby x Blue Blast
Jaysree's Joy x Pink Stripes
Freudian Slip x Mildred Mitchell
Freudian Slip x Mildred Mitchell
Royal Flycatcher x Stargate Portal
*Cobra Skin Necktie x Michael Bennett
Lavender Blue Baby x Blue Blast B
Jaysree's Joy x Morrie Otte
Malachite Prism seedling
Malachite Prism seedling
'Iced Coffee'
Siloam Plum Tree x Nyiragongo
*Beam Me Up x Nick Of Time
*Blue Haired Girl x Beam Me Up
*Borg Technology x Velvet Ribbons
*Fad Gadget x Purple Maze
*Freudian Slip x Mildred Mitchell
*GOTR seedling
*'My Name is Pippi Longstocking'
Matchless Fire x Thin Man
Pink Stripes Seedling
PInk Stripes seedling
Pink STripes B
Cabbage Butterfly x Pink Stripes
Pink Stripes x Eggplant Escapade A
Dress Blues X Velvet Ribbons
'Neutrino Dance'
Nyiragongo X Blue Blast
*'Wormhole Express'
*'Wormhole Express'
'Pickleman's Time Machine'
Morticia X Velvet Ribbons

'Scattering Quarks'
Pink Stripes x Unknown B

'Photon Fireworks'
Pink Stripes x Unknown C
*'Blessed Christina'
Ghost Of Thunder Road XVelvet Ribbons B
*'Red Headed Stepchild'
Matchless Fire X Thin Man
*'Albedo Effect'
Freudian Slip X Mildred Mitchell
'Annika's Pigtails'
Nyiragongo X Stick Em Up
Siloam Plum Tree X Nyiragongo
*'Boabhan Sith'
Ghost Of Thunder Road X Velvet Ribbons C
*'Pink Nebula'

'Blue Firefly'
Mini UF

'Will O' The Wisp'
Mini UF

'Sweet Natalia'
Malachite Prism X Mimosa Umbrella
*' Frosted Whiskers'
Mini UF
*'Autumn's Orange Moon'
Mel's Folly X Thin Man
'Pink Stripes Seedling D
*'Scarlet Bat Wings'
Dress Blues X Velvet Ribbons
'Portal To Narnia'
Brazen Altar X Stargate Portal
*'Twas The Night Before Christmas'
*'Sugar Plum Dance'
*'Strawberry Mango Smoothie'
Catcher In The Eye X Self Determination
*'Velvet Revolution'
*'Firefly Lantern'
Matchless Fire X Spock's Ears
*'Glowing Pterosaur'
Matchless Fire X Thin Man'
Out of Pink Stripe
*John Peat X Eye On A String
*Mask Of Eternity X Spock's Ears
'Quantum Hologram'
Blue Heart X Blue Blast